A daily devotional is more than just a reading exercise each morning. It is a time set apart to focus on God's Word and what He is saying to those who will listen. Seasons of Refreshing draws the reader into that place of sincere and heartfelt meditation and self-examination while offering  encouragement needed to live according to God's Word throughout the day.

The Winter edition of Seasons of Refreshing begs the reader to consider beauty of freshly fallen snow. The frigid temperatures accentuate the shimmering blanket as the sun reflects off individual flakes as uniquely fashioned as each new day. The shortened days of winter give the earth a rest from its labor, allowing it to resupply its store of nutrients to support the net growing season. Without the rain and snow, there is no seed for the sower … no bread for the hungry.

Seasons of Refreshing gives us a daily opportunity to pause and consider the greatness of our God, even while the world around us hibernates. Without winter, springtime could not produce the unparalleled beauty of new blossoms which eventually lead to hearty harvests. To be sure, even in the midst of the cold, blustery and dreary days of winter, God is at work preparing for the next season. In like manner, when followers of Jesus Christ find themselves in a dormant state or in the midst of blustery winds, there is a purpose beyond that which meets the eye — a purposeful preparation for the next season of fruitfulness.

As we journey through the winter season, it is my prayer that your life is enriched, that you are blessed, and you find fulfillment in God’s Word. However, it is also my prayer that you are challenged to draw closer to God and to gain a clearer vision of your purpose fulfilling your unique destiny as you daily surrender yourself to Him.

It should be noted that I am far from perfect and, although I call you to move closer into relationship with Christ, I am right where you are. Every day is a discipline and, if truth be known, I often fail. It doesn’t stop me from knowing what to do. I simply continue to pray that God would give me the strength to do what I know is right and to resist whatever resistance I feel at the moment I sense His drawing into His Word and fellowship. As imperfect as I am, I refuse to allow my shortcomings to stop me from trying or encouraging you to try. I repent, pick up my cross, and try again … and such is my prayer for you.

Be blessed, my friend! Know that God is on our side as we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. His love and mercy will carry us through whatever we face whether yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Author: Jan Ross, Jan Ross Ministries